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Making Princesses Dream Come True...

Little Princess Spa is dedicated to every True Princess who ever dreamed sneakers were glass slippers and to girls who believe it's better to twirl than walk, sing than talk and that everything goes better with sparkles. For now she wants her own Fairy a little sprinkling of Fairy dust, and the glamorous attention every Real Princess deserves. You supply the dream and we'll supply the style and magic to help you make your fairy-tale dreams come true.

September Party Package Special

DJ Glow in the Spa Party Package:
$1,600 for 15 kids including the birthday girl (each additional is $55.00) MAX 25 KIDS
-3 hour party (ANY TIME)
-Mini Mani (glow in the dark nail polish available)
-Fabulous Hairdo glow in the dark GIRLS AND BOYS
-Glow in the dark makeup GIRLS AND BOYS
-Glow sticks
-15 Personalized Chick Little Princess Spa Invitations (each additional $2.50)
-15 Spa Party Favors glow in the dark
-Glow in the dark spa decoration
-Candy Buffet (m&m’s, gum balls, skittles, twizzler, gummy bears, marshmallow bags are provided)
-Fog Machine
-Black Lights
-Color Lights
-Projecting name of birthday girl on the dance floor
-Glow in the dark cotton candy
-Glow in the dark toast pink lemonade cups
-Glow in the dark tattoos
-Arts & Crafts ( glow in the dark beads for necklace and bracelet)
-Glowing Fashion Show GIRLS AND BOYS
-DJ Music provided for 3 hours
-Just Dance 2014
-Dancing, Games and Little Princess Spa Birthday Wishes
-3 tables in front of the spa decorated for you to use to put cake, food and etc.
-Kids table and chairs for the princess’s
-Lounge for mommy’s in front of the spa
-Set up and Clean up
(Employee’s will be dressed glow in the dark costume)
-Glow in the dark face painting or body painting girls/ boys
-1 large cheese pizza
- Sodas
-Party utensils included (plates, napkins, silver wear and cups)
-15 cupcakes

September Spa Package Special

(*Limit only ONE per customer)
Code: September

September NEWS

Only $48 per girl
Little Princess Spa Invites you to:
-Meet & Greet Elsa and Anna (Frozen) 1 hour
- Sing along with them to their favorite sound track
-Story Time
-Makeup inspired by Elsa
-Hairstyle inspired by Elsa
-Mini Manicure inspired by Elsa
*Don't forget to come with your favorite Princess Dress
-April 12th 1-3pm Wellington Sold Out
-April 12th 4-6pm Wellington Sold Out
-April 19th 1-3pm Wellington Sold Out
-May 10th 4:15-6:15pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-May 17th 4-6pm Wellington Sold Out
-May 18th 1-3pm Boca Raton Sold
-May 24th 10-12pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-May 24th 1-3pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-May 24th 4-6pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-May 24th 1-3pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-May 25th 1-3pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-May 31st 4-6pm Wellington Sold Out
-June 7th 10-12 Wellington Sold Out
-June 7th 4-6pm Wellington Sold Out
-June 7th 1-3pm Wellington Sold Out
-June 22nd 1-3pm Wellington Sold Out
-June 28th 4-6pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-June 28th 10-12pm Wellington Sold Out
-June 29th 1-3pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-July 12th 4-6pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-July 13th 1-3pm MIAMI Sold Out
-July 20th 4-6pm Wellington Sold Out
-August 3rd 1-3pm Wellington Sold Out
-August 9th 4-6pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-August 16th 1-3pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-August 23rd 1-3pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-August 23rd 4-6pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-September 14th 1-3pm Wellington Sold Out
-September 21st 4-6pm Boca Raton Sold Out
-October 5th 4-6pm Wellington (NEW AVAILABLE TICKETS)

We will be posting more dates soon if interested please call us to be on the waiting list.